Artisanal ice cream recipe book Arte Heladero

Artisanal ice cream recipe book Arte Heladero
Artisanal ice cream recipe book Arte Heladero
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The ice cream-specialized magazine Arte Heladero ( is proud to publish a general ice cream recipe book for the first time and after 30 years of experience in the sector. It is the result of the increasing demand from those professionals who seek some technical and qualitative information not to be found easily on the Internet. It consists of over 200 recipes extracted from the most recent articles published in Arte Heladero, written by glaciers and patissiers of distinguished careers. Therefore, reliability is one of its main pillars.

In this recipe book, a wide range of creations –from creamy ice creams to simpler ones like ice pops or granitas– can be found. There are a total of 13 categories, divided into different sections and sub-sections.

Within each category, all the recipes have been arranged alphabetically, helping the reader find their way to a variety of options ready to meet their needs for day-to-day work. So, for example, if a chocolate ice cream recipe is needed, up to 16 different options can be found in this book, all of them by renowned professionals who regularly collaborate in the magazine.

Publishing this recipe book has helped us spot varied trends regarding types, flavors and techniques in the ice cream industry. Fruit sorbets clearly lead the list, and far below we find chocolate creams, parfaits and semifreddos. Within the fruit sorbet category, the increasing presence of strawberry and other red fruits, such as raspberry, for the last four years is quite remarkable. Mango and apple have also been recurrent in the fruit sorbets lately. Among chocolates, however, a preference for white chocolate, often combined with nuts and spices, is also noticeable.

As far as techniques are concerned, certain preparations prior to the ice cream making are becoming more and more popular, such as cold macerations or homemade fruit purees and compotes, as well as nut or turrón pastes and pralinés.

These trends reveal the aim of heading for a more and more personalized ice cream, reflecting differences between competitors and reasserting the artisanal, creative character of today’s professionals.


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Sizes: 21 x 20 cm 

199 pages

Languages: english & spanish

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