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'so good' is an international magazine with pronounced exclusive nature. Thanks to its international coverage, the most prominent master pastry chefs, máctres glaciers and chocolatiers of the world are featured on the pages of each one of the magazine issues.

We ship all books magazines and other items on The pastry shop to any destination worldwide.

We are also a distributer for the highest quality candy wrappers in the UK, and can supply custom printed wrappers of various sizes on request, Chocolate forming plastics available and great for show pieces.

We also supply on request:
Cellophane sheets for chocolate boxes
Brown cushions for chocolate boxes
Custom Bags and much more

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Bake Off: Crème de la Crème By Martin Chiffers and Emma Marsden Custom Signed By Martin Chiffers

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new So Good is here, issue number 15, with the same commitment as the previous 14. By that we mean reflecting creativity and innovation in refined patisserie, either in bonbons, chocolates, plated desserts or fresh pastries in every conceivable format. We travel to the four corners of the world to gather the best examples of each of these specialties in one single volume.

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Some of the most acclaimed restaurants from around the world are gathered in this edition of So Good.. to show us their dessert menus. Carefully prepared discourses which have a familiar expression to wider audiences in a savory context acquire a unique and less familiar form in their sweet expression. Additionally, visiting us in this edition is a large number of pastry chefs who honor haute patisserie without missing the opportunity of making all kinds of allusions to neighboring worlds such as ice-cream making or caramels. This makes up our 14th trip..../

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So good..magazine #13 has a taste of chocolate and also of Barcelona. 9 chocolatiers from Barcelona share their experience and their creations, with styles equally diverse and surprising. It is a date with art, creativity and the culture of chocolate from the shores

Quality bread –alongside its appropriate starter and proofing time– is the real protagonist of this book, whose main objective is to help understand the different aspects to bear in mind regarding the selection of flours, the ferments, the kneading, forming and baking processes of bread, as well as to detail, in a clear way, how to prepare a large number of specialties.

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